GREASE MAX® is a chemically operated automatic lubricator.
It is designed to be screwed into the bearing grease nipple seating, or onto an extension line, and to feed lubricant at a constant rate for a set period of time. There are 4 operating periods: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. After the service time has elapsed, the unit is replaced with a new unit. Because it is self regulating it should be used in conjunction with the plant maintenance scheduling. Therefore changeovers of the GREASE MAX® can be planned and carried out at set periods. GREASE MAX® operation is simple and trouble free. Quite frequently its capabilities are not at first appreciated because of it's simplicity. GREASE MAX® can be used anywhere; on most applications, both large and small, even underwater. Importantly, GREASE MAX® has no electrical or mechanical components and has only one moving part, which is the piston. For this reason GREASE MAX® is extremely reliable.



Bulk solids handling


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GREASE MAX®. Der Champion der Schmierstoffgeber.