F001 Multi Purpose Grease EP:
Universal lubrication of plain, ball and roller bearings for plant, equipment and vehicles. Contains highly effective EP additives and has good adhesion and corrosion protection. Optimum lubrication performance even under extreme conditions. Operating temperature range -30°C to 120°C.

F110 Multi Purpose Grease Bio EP:
Based on synthetic esters lithium / calcium EP multi-purpose grease with high biodegradability. Suitable for plain and roller bearings and other general grease lubrication points on construction and agricultural machinery, as well as manufacturing and industrial plants. It should be used especially where there is a risk of environmental pollution due to loss of lubricant.

F002 High Temperature Grease:
From -30°C to 150°C / 170°C short term. Special grease for a wide temperature range. Suitable for highly loaded plain and rolling bearings, joints, hinges and guides. Long-term properties, water and steam resistant, resistant to aqueous acids and alkalis.

O001 Spindle Oil ISO VG 10:
High speed oil for the lubrication of spindle bearings in precision machine tools and machines in the textile industry.

F003 Multi Purpose Grease + MoS2:
Normal to heavily loaded plain and roller bearings even in dusty and moist conditions. Emergency lubrication properties with solid lubricant MoS2.

O004 Multi Purpose Oil ISO VG 68:
General lubrication of chains, cables, linear guides, bearings and gears. Adheres to the metal surface.

F004 High Temperature Grease + MoS2:
Highly loaded plain and roller bearings, wide temperature application range, long-term and emergency lubrication features, resistant to aggressive media.

O015 Adhesive Oil ISO VG 320:
Special adhesive oil with anti-spatter properties to prevent fling-off with rapid rotation and vibration. Lubrication of chains, ropes and guides.

F006 Gearing Grease EP:
For the lubrication of gears and linear guides. Good pumpability. Suitable for extension lines for hard to reach lubrication points.

O016 Adhesive oil ISO VG 220:
Special adhesive oil of medium viscosity, for loss lubrication. No fling-off with rapid rotation and vibration. Lubrication of chains, ropes and guides.

F100 Food Grade Grease NSF-H1:
Synthetic high performance grease for the food, pharmaceutical and stock feed industries. Universally applicable, high power reserves at -40°C to + 180°C.

O100 High Performance Oil ISO VG 220:
Synthetic chain and wire rope lubricant with high performance reserves even at high temperatures, adherent. Use in ovens, automated warehouses, car washes, paint lines, dryers etc.

Detailed lubricant information is available on request.
Numerous other lubricants and special fills with the lubricant of your choice are available.

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